About Sayonara

  • Sayonara is a highly customizable, clear and fast audio player
  • written in C++, supported by the Qt framework
  • GStreamer as audio backend
  • open source and published under the GPLv3 license.
  • available for Linux and BSD.

For a detailed list of Sayonara's abilities, see the features section.

Current version

  • Stable 1.10.0-stable1 (May, 27th 2024)

Concepts and goals

  • Usability: No unnecessary UI controls and buttons
  • Optional features: If you don't need a feature you can remove or hide it

Library Management

You have a big music collection? You want to organize it, rename files and directories in batch jobs, properly tag your library? Great! Sayonara is the right choice.

Because every user has own special needs there are various possibilities to access your library:

  • in artist, album and track table views
  • in a beautiful album cover view
  • in a directory tree view


Create a playlist with songs you want to listen to. Sayonara can automatically add new tracks similar to the ones you previously listened to (dynamic playback).


There are several extensions which give you quick access to additional functionality. For example, spectrum analyzer, equalizer, crossfading,


sayonara01.png sayonara02.png sayonara03.png sayonara04.png sayonara05.png sayonara10.png sayonara11.png sayonara12.png sayonara13.png sayonara14.png sayonara15.png sayonara20.png sayonara21.png sayonara23.png